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*** Hightechredneck's has lost their local ammo/firearm/shooting supplier. They just up and closed. No notice. No nothing. We are currently out of most ammo calibers until next week. Due to the added cost of shipping and hazmat fees, there will be a slight increase in ammo prices until we've contracted w/ another distributor, Long story shortened...make sure you have plenty of ammo when you come. ***

Scheduling now for future OCHL courses (CCW). Maximum of 8 people per class.  Registration and non refundable deposit required.  

Gift certificates are still available for that special person and occasion.  

Winter time hours resume on Friday Oct. 26th, 2018...

Thursday: 10 to 6 p.m.

Friday: 10 to 6 p.m.

Saturday: 10 to 6 p.m.

Sunday: 10  to 6 p.m.

Get signed up now for upcoming Ohio Concealed Carry Classes.  

Single person...$100

Husband/wife special...$175

Group rates...$75 each for 3 or more people.

Private classes for 5 or more people w/ option of choosing your day...$75 per person.

***Price includes range membership, targets, safety gear for the day, and class materials.

"Loaner firearms" available.  You must purchase my ammo to use loaner firear

Rules in a nutshell...

Simple membership required.  Membership requires you watch a powerpoint presentation, sign a waiver of liability, do a range orientation w/ a competency challenge of 5 rounds center mass.

No new shooters....you must have basic pistol experience or training.  No exceptions.

No magnum pistols.

Ammunition must be lead core w/ copper jacket.  No bimetal rounds.

***A detailed list of rules will be given to you at the time of membership.  


Membership...one time fee of $10.  You must stay six months compliant to maintain your membership.

Lane fees....$8 per30 minutes.

Targets...$1 each.  You must use full sized silhouette targets.  You may use your own or purchase ours.

Concealed Carry Training...$100 per person.  Group rates available.

Holster Draw training...$ 75 per person.  Ask us for details.

Private lessons are available at $35 per session.  Ask for details.

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Hightechredneck's, LLC.

5499 New Vienna Rd., New Vienna, OH 45159, us

(937) 732-5794